We value your trust in us to use and disclose information about you wisely and responsibly since we are aware that it is important to you. This privacy notice explains how Coffee Planet Bangladesh and its affiliates (“Coffee Planet Bangladesh” or “We”) collect and use your personal information when you use the Coffee Planet Bangladesh websites, mobile applications, devices, products, services, online and physical stores, and other channels (collectively, “Coffee Planet Bangladesh Services”).You agree to the procedures outlined in this Privacy Notice by using the services provided by Coffee Planet Bangladesh.

What Private Information Concerning Users Does Coffee Planet Bangladesh Gather?

We gather your personal data so that we can offer and constantly enhance our goods and services.

The categories of personal data we gather are as follows:

Details You Provide: Any information you give us in connection with Coffee Planet Bangladesh Services is received and stored by us. You can opt to withhold some information, but doing so would prevent you from using several of our Coffee Planet Bangladesh Services.

Information Collected Automatically: When you use Coffee Planet Bangladesh Services, we automatically gather and store specific types of information, including data on how you interact with the material and services made accessible by Coffee Planet Bangladesh Services. Like many websites, we utilize “cookies” and other special identifiers, and when your web browser or device accesses Coffee Planet Bangladesh Services and other content provided by or on behalf of Coffee Planet Bangladesh on other websites, we get certain sorts of information.

Information from Other Sources: In order to update our records and make it easier to deliver your subsequent order, we may receive information about you from other sources, such as updated delivery and address information from our carriers.

What Uses Does Your Personal Information Have at Coffee Planet Bangladesh?

Your personal information is used by us to manage, deliver, create, and enhance the goods and services we provide to our clients.

Ordering and processing of goods and services: We use your personal data to collect and manage orders, provide products and services, manage payments, and communicate with you about orders, goods and services and promotional offers. 

Deliver, troubleshoot and improve Coffee Planet Bangladesh Services: We use your personal information to deliver functionality, gauge usage, resolve problems and improve the usability and effectiveness of Coffee Planet Bangladesh Services.

Recommendations and personalization: We provide suggestions for features, products and services that may be of interest to you based on your choices and the personalization and recommendations we make using the Coffee Planet Bangladesh Services.

Provide voice, image, and camera services: When you utilize our voice, image and camera services, we use your voice input, images, videos and other personal information to handle your requests, provide you with the service you’ve requested and improve our services. for additional information about Alexa’s voice services. 

Comply with legal requirements: On occasion, we collect and use your personal information in order to comply with the law. For example, we acquire from sellers information on the location of the company and bank account information for identity verification and other objectives. 

Communicate with you: We will contact you with Coffee Planet Bangladesh Services via phone, email and live chat using the personal information you supply.

Using the information we have about you, we provide interest-based adverts for features, products and services that may be of interest to you. We do not utilize data that may be used to individually identify you in order to serve interest-based advertisements. 

Fraud Prevention and Credit Risks: We utilize personal data to prevent and spot fraud and abuse in order to protect the security of our customers, Coffee Planet Bangladesh and others. We may also use scoring methods to assess and manage credit risks. 

What Concerns Other Identifiers Than Cookies? 

In order to offer and improve Coffee Planet Bangladesh Services, we utilize cookies and other identifiers to enable our systems to identify your browser or device.

Does Coffee Planet Bangladesh Share Your Personal Information? 

We do not engage in the practice of revealing customer personal information to third parties since it is essential to our company. We are only allowed to disclose customers’ personal information for the limited purposes and under conditions that are either specified by this Privacy Notice or follow procedures that are at least as protective as those described in this Privacy Notice.

Transactions with Third Parties: We make available to you services, products, applications or knowledge that are supplied by third parties for use on or via the Coffee Planet Bangladesh Services. For instance, you may purchase things from third parties using our shops, download programs from third-party app developers using our App Store and activate third-party features using our Alexa services. We also work with other businesses to market product lines or offer services, including co-branded credit cards. We communicate to them the personally identifiable information about our customers relevant to such transactions, so you may ascertain if a third party is involved in your transactions.

Third-Party Service Providers: We contract with other organizations and individuals to complete work on our behalf. Delivering packages, sending mail and emails, completing orders for goods and services, eliminating redundant data from customer lists, conducting data analysis, helping with marketing, offering search results and links (including paid listings and links), processing payments, sending content, scoring, figuring out and managing credit risk and providing customer service are a few examples. The personal information needed for these outside service providers to do their tasks is available to them, but they are not allowed to use it for any other purposes. 

Business Transfers: As our business grows, we could sell or buy more businesses or services. In such transactions, customer information is frequently one of the company assets transferred, but it remains subject to the obligations set forth in any preceding Privacy Notice (unless, of course, the customer agrees to something otherwise). In the unlikely event that Coffee Planet Bangladesh or substantially all of its assets are bought, customer information will undoubtedly be one of the transferred assets.

Protection of Coffee Planet Bangladesh and Others: We disclose account information and other personal information when we believe that doing so is necessary to comply with legal obligations, to carry out our obligations under our Conditions of Use and other agreements, or to otherwise protect the legal rights, personal property, or personal safety of Coffee Planet Bangladesh, our users or others. Information is shared with other companies and organizations to reduce credit risk and stop fraud. 

In addition to what was said above, you will be informed when personal information about you may be shared with third parties and given the option to decline the sharing.

How Secure Is My Personal Data?

When developing our products, we take your security and privacy into account. To strive to maintain the confidentiality of your personal information during transmission, we employ encryption techniques and software. 

We follow the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) while handling credit card data. 

We use physical, technological, and procedural measures to collect, store and disclose personal customer information. As part of our security procedures, we can periodically ask for identification documents before giving you access to any personal information. 

Our devices are protected against illegal access and data loss by security features. You have control over these elements and may modify them to meet your needs. 

You should take security measures to guard against unwanted access to your software, computers, mobile devices and password. Make careful you sign off after using a shared computer.

What Role Does Advertising Play? 

The Coffee Planet Bangladesh services may include third-party advertisements and connections to other websites and mobile applications. Third-party advertising partners may gather information about you when you interact with their content, advertising and services.

Use of Third-Party Advertising Services: We provide the information necessary for advertising companies to target you with more pertinent and useful Coffee Planet Bangladesh advertisements and evaluate their effectiveness. We never reveal your name or any other information that may be used to uniquely identify you when we do this. Instead, we employ a cookie-like advertising identification or a device identifier. In order to prevent you from seeing an advertisement to download the app again, for example, if you have already downloaded one of our applications, we will share the details of that event and your advertising identifier with third parties. Some advertising companies also use this information to offer you relevant advertisements from other advertisers. 

What information is available to me?

You may access information about you on the website in the “Your Account” section, including your name, address, payment choices, profile information, membership data, household settings, and purchase history.

Which leftovers do I have?

Several of the Coffee Planet Bangladesh Services include settings that let you decide how your information is used.

As was already said, you are free to conceal some information, however doing so could prohibit you from accessing any Coffee Planet Bangladesh Services.

Some information on pages like those indicated in What Information Can I Access? can be modified or added to. Whenever you change the information, we usually keep a duplicate of the old version for our records.

If you do not want to receive emails or other notifications from us, please modify your customer communication choices. If you do not want to receive in-app notifications from us, please adjust the notification settings on your device or application.

If you do not want to see interest-based ads, please change your advertising options.

Using the Help function on the majority of browsers and devices, you may prevent your browser or device from accepting new cookies or other identifiers, have the browser notify you when you get a new cookie, or totally deactivate cookies. Because they allow you to enjoy several essential features of the Coffee Planet Bangladesh Services, we strongly advise leaving cookies and other identifiers turned on. If you block or otherwise reject our cookies, for example, you won’t be able to add items to your Shopping Cart, go to Checkout, or use any Services that need you to Sign in. For more information about cookies and other identifiers, see our Cookies Notice.

By configuring your browser to refuse cookies, you can visit our websites without connecting your browsing history to your account.

By adjusting your settings on the appropriate Coffee Planet Bangladesh website, device, or application (for instance, under “Manage Your Content and Devices”), you may also decide not to utilize some additional types of data. Most smartphones that are not made by Coffee Planet Bangladesh also allow users to change device permissions, including whether location services and contact access are enabled or disabled. The device’s settings menu is frequently where you may find these options. If you have any queries regarding how to change the permissions on devices produced by third parties, we urge you to contact your mobile service provider or your device manufacturer.

In addition, to the extent authorized by applicable law, you may have the right to request access to or deletion of your personal data. Please get in touch with customer care if you want to do any of these things. Your data preferences may restrict or make some services inaccessible.

Can children use Coffee Planet Bangladesh’s services?

No purchases from Coffee Planet Bangladesh may be made by children. We provide children with products that grownups may purchase. If you are younger than 18, only your parent or legal guardian may use the Coffee Planet Bangladesh Services on your behalf. We do not intentionally collect personal information from children under the age of 13 without the consent of the parent or legal guardian of such a child.

Requirements for Use, Notifications, and Modifications

If you choose to make use of the Coffee Planet Bangladesh Services, this Notice and our Conditions of Use, along with any relevant limitations on liability, dispute resolution processes, and Indian law, will govern your use of the Services and any privacy disputes. Any privacy concerns you may have with Coffee Planet Bangladesh should be communicated to us in full, and we will do our best to resolve them.

Since our business is always changing, so will our Privacy Notice. Please often visit our websites to see the most recent modifications. Unless otherwise stated, the conditions of our current Privacy Notice apply to all information we hold about you and your account. Without the approval of the consumers who were harmed, we will never substantially change our rules and procedures to become less protective of customer information acquired in the past, albeit we stand by our pledges.

Examples of the Information You Provide Us When You Use Our Services

You provide us with information when:

Increase or reduce the quantity of things in your shopping cart, place an order with Coffee Planet Bangladesh Services, or do both; Browse our stores or buy products or services there;

Download, stream, or otherwise make use of the content after obtaining it through a device’s service or application;

Complete the appropriate fields in your profile or account (you could have more than one if you’ve used more than one email address or cell phone number while making transactions with us);

Keep contact information online;

Modify a Coffee Planet Bangladesh device’s or service’s settings, provide it access to your data, or interact with it;

On Coffee Planet Bangladesh Services or via them, provide your products or services;

Contact us by phone, email, or another channel;

Complete an entry form for a contest, a survey, or a support ticket;

Files can be uploaded or streamed to Coffee Planet Bangladesh Drive, Prime Photos, or other services;

Participate in discussion boards or other interactive features; 

submit and rate reviews; 

set a reminder for a particular occasion; 

or use product availability notifications like Available to Order Notifications. 

Due to those actions, you could provide us with details like:

Your name, postal address, and contact number; 

Financial details; 

Your age; 

Information about the area; 

IP address; 

Individuals mentioned under “Your Addresses”; and Friend and other people’s email addresses; 

Review and email content that you send to us;

Your profile’s picture and personal statement; 

Information on enterprises and money; 

Information on credit history; 

Photos and videos recorded or stored in connection with Coffee Planet Bangladesh Services; 

Identity-related data and paperwork, such as Social Security and driver’s license numbers;

Information on enterprises and finances, 

Credit History information, and Automatic Knowledge

The following are some examples of the data that we collect and analyze:

When connected to the internet, your computer’s Internet Protocol (IP) address; 

your username, password, and email address; 

the location of your computer or device;

The length and number of concurrent streams and downloads, as well as network information for streaming and download quality, including information about your internet service provider; 

Device metrics such as application consumption, connectivity information, faults and event failures; 

and Coffee Planet Bangladesh service metrics (such as the frequency of technical issues, your interactions with service);

settings for the time zone and version;

Your purchase and content usage history, which we occasionally combine with similar information from other customers to create services like Top Sellers; 

Your Uniform Resource Locator (URL) clickstream to, through, and from our websites, including the date and time; the products and content you viewed or searched for; 

page response times, download errors, and the frequency with which you visited specific pages; 

Phone numbers used to contact our customer service hotline;

You could see pictures or videos when you go to one of our locations or a store that makes use of Coffee Planet Bangladesh services.

We may also use device identifiers, cookies and other technologies on devices, applications and our website pages to collect browsing, use, or other technical information.

Alternative Information Sources

Information obtained from outside sources could include:

Up-to-date account information, purchase or redemption information, and information on page views from select retailers with whom we co-brand products or for whom we perform technical, fulfillment, advertising, or other services; 

Updated delivery and address data from our carriers or other third parties, which we use to update our records and more easily deliver your subsequent order or communication; 

Specifics of your interactions with the products and services that we provide;

Links and search results, which may also include commercial content (such as sponsored links); 

Credit history information obtained from credit bureaus, which we use to offer some clients particular credit or financial services as well as to help detect and prevent fraud.

Information at Your Disposal

Using Coffee Planet Bangladesh’s services, you may learn things like:

Order status most recent (including subscriptions); 

complete purchase history;

identifying data (including name, email address, password, and address book); 

Payment choices (including 1-Click settings, promotional certificate and gift card balances, and payment card information);

Email notification options, including newsletters, deliveries, and alerts on product availability;

Product suggestions, such as “Recommended for You” and “Improve Your Recommendations,” as well as the items you just saw that served as their foundation;

Gift registries (including shopping lists, wish lists, and wedding and baby registries);

Your voicemails connected to your account; 

Recent material you’ve seen; 

Your communications, associated settings, devices, content and options for customized advertising; 

Your profile, which includes your product ratings, suggestions, reminders and personal data;